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Iconic Fashion Vehicle the Mini Launches New Ad Campaign

Oct 22, 2007 No Comments

Since it’s launch in the 60’s the MINI has always been a fashion item so I thought I would post the new Ad from MINI, you can see more quirky online clips from MINI , including weekly time-delayed revelations.

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Talking Gift Tags…

Oct 21, 2007 No Comments

As the season of gift giving draws ever nearer, so too does the Herculean challenge of penning countless holiday cards, letters and notes to family, friends and colleagues near and far. is offering a digital-age alternative that could make such tasks a little easier by allowing consumers to record a personalised message onto a […]

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Create your own wardrobe online with Polyvore….

Oct 16, 2007 1 Comment

This site polyvore is designed to appeal to the fashionistas out there in the world, users install a bookmarklet and grab images from around the web. They then take those images, plus any images others have uploaded, and create “sets” which are ensembles of individual items, put into, say, a complete outfit.Sets can be viewed […]

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What's Hot on The High Street – I Mean Ankle…

Oct 16, 2007 No Comments

I know it sounds (looks a little strange) but you just know that these are going to catch on, fashion empire Chanel have launched the Ankle Purse. Apparently there is speculation that the idea came from ankle-mounted alcohol monitoring devices… Like those worn recently by Lindsay Lohan and Eve. I’m sure the high street retailers […]

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Organic Denim… Although a Little Pricey…

Oct 15, 2007 No Comments

It appears that Sharkah Chakra from India is taking a stand in the ecological war on waste… The company’s philosophy is, “to make the world’s best and only hand made denim using a simple age old concept of treating others as you wish to be treated.” Using this Golden Rule as their guide, Sharkah Chakra […]

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