I wanted to share these incredible images from artist, Zhao Bandi’s, show which kicked off this year’s China Fashion Week.

In a previous exhibition Zhao has been shown in a series of photographs discussing social and political issues with a toy panda, this may sound strange, but Zhao feels using this image of China’s national icon is a great way of raising awareness. According to BBC Manchester, the toy panda itself is a representation of China’s one child policy – always learning something new at this site!

Zhao chats to his Panda

In his show Zhao uses the all black and white pieces to represent characters from all walks of life and social standing in modern day China. The show, as you see, makes great use of humour which slightly takes the edge off the more serious messages that Bandi intends to send.

“As an artist, China is a source of imagination. Being an adventuristic artist I decided to give a cardeo-tonic injection to the chinese fashion industry with my debut show”. Zhao Bandi
I think he certainly did that.

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