Little Black Dresses - The Fashion Guide
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Little Black Dresses

kacita.jpgruffle.jpg pag.jpg ann.jpg enja1.jpg jewel.jpg satin.jpg silver.jpg buckle1.JPG

The LBD is always a good party option, this year try some traditional glamour with a dress like these from Coast, add Hollywood heels and crytals or diamonds.

Or go for a new twist with something a little punkier, like these dresses from TopShop. Punk up even more with spikey heeled shoes or ankle boots, strong jewellery or studded accessories. Cover your shoulders with a biker jacket or tuxedo.

bandeau.jpg shoulder.jpg crinkle-stud.jpg tulle.jpg keyhole.jpg studded.jpg maryjane.jpg boot.jpg gladiator.jpg

patent1.jpg tux.jpgcorset.jpg

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