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We were reading the ‘must have’ lists of Bryan Ferry and Ozwald Boateng on and about their love of Berluti shoes. And, we thought that, as we don’t often discuss the finer things of life on the fashion guide, we would find out a little more. Visiting the Berluti site is a pleasure and a joy – the site is almost as beautiful as the shoes and the leather goods that the Berluti family have lovingly made since 1895.

Visit, and view the galleries of luxury creations, then stay for a while to read the story of how Alessandro Berluti left his country to move to France. Of how on his way he met a group of Saltimbancos and began to make stage shoes for the troupe (this is romantic stuff). Of how he finally began his business in Paris in 1895 and then gained fame at the World Fair of 1900.

Later, Talbinio Berluti an architecture student, developed a range of luxury, ready to wear shoes and designed shops of such comfort and beauty that the elite of European society gathered there to talk – Sergio Leone, Cocteau, Edith Piaf and the Duke of Windsor.

Today, as the sole female shoemaker in the world Olga Berluti continues to develop the company (Berluti has showrooms across the world) and its designs. Over the years she has worked alongside Warhol, Truffaut and Yves Saint Lauren and has invented new leathers and colouring processes. Pour a drink and spend a little time at this site – read the story of ‘the unknown man’ – enjoy!

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