A few photos from some of Sunday’s Shows. See them all at VogueUK. Click the image for the designer.

paul-costelloe1.jpg paulcostelloe2.jpg paul-costelloe3.jpg

There was a lot of chocolate brown and tweed in Paul Costelloe’s collection, but we enjoyed the bright colours best, the silky fabrics and the couture inspired shapes in blouses and dresses.

ben-de-lisi.jpg ben-de-lisi2.jpg ben-de-lisi3.jpg

It was hard to choose just three images from Ben De Lisi, a mix of gorgeous day wear and glamorous evening gowns.

biba.jpg biba1.jpg biba2.jpg

All models wore cute little David Bowie Clown hats at Biba! There was lots of embroidery and embellishment and references to artists like Gustav Klimt. Silky fabrics, ruffles, some bright jewel colours, beautifully constructed shoulders on belted coats and tops.

jaegerlondon3.jpg jaegerlondon.jpg jaeger-london4.jpg jaegar-london1.jpg

Again, so much to see at JaegerLondon, impossible to sum up in a few photos. A mix of fabrics and textures, Mongolian shaggy jackets, checks, snakeskin prints and fringing. Some nautical looks, kind of Russian Sailor meets fisherman and lots of sixties boho chic. Brill, take a look.