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Secret Circus Clothing Company launched its first collection on Tuesday, as part of London Fashion Week, and partied after at the Metropolitan Hotel. They were probably celebrating the fact that they had aleady sold their most expensive item – a pair of jeans. But not just any jeans, jeans that were hand-made in Los Angeles and then flown to England to be embellished with a design that includes 15 diamonds cut by London-based diamond firm Duttson Rocks. And whose the buyer? No one knows as they have chosen to remain annonymous, but it’s someone who can payout £640,000 for denim and someone who can wear a 27″ waist (or knows a friend who can).

So that has to be the first million dollar jeans !

Here’s the break down on the diamond design – it includes:-

Five large rocks

1 marquise cut – 4.63 carats = £102,000

2 round brilliant cut – 6 carats each = £250,000

1 Princess Cut – 5.09 carats – £104,000

1 Pear cut – 5.37 carats £134,000

10 single carat diamonds = £50,000

Worried about losing a diamond in the washing machine? No problem the jeans come with a little clasp which removes the diamonds before washing – phew!

What we’re really interested in seeing next is Secret Circus Clothing’s new, more affordable line of demin, unique printed cashmere, leather jackets with swarovski crystals and cotton t-shirts . The website is still on its way, but we’re working on getting some preview photos.

We’ll leave you with the words of Secret Circus artist and designer Lamis Khamis, speaking about luxury clothing for the super wealthy,

“A millionairre could buy a £5,000 fiesta if he wanted, but why not have a Bentley if you can afford it.” true..

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