The Secret Circus Clothing Site will be launched tomorrow, to coincide with the company’s very first collection at London Fashion Week – the highlight of the collection being a pair of diamond encrusted jeans worth £500,000!! But don’t stop reading there, the prices are not always that steep.

Secret Circus has been created by fashion designer and fine artist Lamis Khamis and fashion entrepreneur Sam Pemberton. The first collection consists of denim, cashmere, velvet leather and cotton, and features a unique technique for printing colour images on cashmere. Prices start at £100 for cashmere and £130 for jeans.

A truly interactive label, every Secret Circus garment comes with an envelope containing a key that gives access to a ‘secret room’ on the website. Once there, users can access special information, such as news of Secret Circus parties, or download screensavers of the striking and unusual designs printed on the clothes.

The creators of Secret Cirucs Clothing will also be around at the Metropolitan’s Pink Drinks Party on Tuesday 12th Feb, (which is also my birthday, but unfortunately I am not invited and there will be all kinds of burlesque type activities, probably – at Pink Drinks not my birthday – anyway back to the original stoy), where this time apparently they will be creating fabulous cocktails – interesting – I will find out more.