Just time for a few more photos from NY before the next big week gets going, just looking over the pictures from the Zac Posen show and thinking, if you’re going to wear Minnie Mouse ears may as well make them cashmere ones. The show was a cartoon matinee, disney princess, flight of fantasy with layers of tulle, organza, chiffon and feathers, cheeky sheer frocks with undies to spy underneath, sequinned tuxedos and black and white dress looks with bow ties and pinafores that make you think of cartoon artists sketches. There were some grown up girls, sensible tailored suiting in there too and some sophisticated long gowns but on the whole, little girl in mum’s dressing up box, young, free and fun. Loads and loads of piled beads again – a recurring theme in the shows. See all the photos at VogueUK. And just see if, just a tiny bit, all this black and white, and ears, reminds you of our friend Zhao Bandi.

zp4.jpg zac-posen-fall-08-ny2.jpgzac-posen-fall-o8-ny.jpg zac-posen-fall-08-ny.jpgzac-posen-fall-08-ny6.jpg zac-posen.jpg zp.jpg zac-posen2.jpgzac-posen-fall-08-ny7.jpg