If you own a camera phone and love shopping then maybe this trend is for you?

Forget going to stores or even shopping online, now you can shop straight from the billboards whilst walking down the street or on the bus thanks to a hi-tech new campaign.

Just point your phone at QR Code (2 dimensional bar code) on the latest H&M ads, and you’ll have full access to their fashion catalog.

Items can be bought from your phone and charged to your mobile’s account.

“Brands are resorting to high-tech measures to lure customers into buying their products at instant whim,” reports NewLaunches. “The latest techie style is the QR (Semacode tag) that actually lets you shop for the product as soon as you lay your eyes on it. But this H&M style has gone one level up and offers an opportunity to shoppers to shop at an impulse.”

This type of technology is big in Japan and looks set to hit Europe and the Rest of the World very soon…