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JNS Match – How’s This for a Fabulous Fashion Fix?

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Always on the look out for new fashion trends and ideas, TFG recently set eyes on this deliciously unique and inspired creation from silver jewellery designer Jeanette Sargent. This visionary concept in jewellery means that you can continually recustomise the silver pendants and earings according to the outfit you’re wearing.

How do you do it? By using nail polish of course!! We were lucky enough to track down the designer, and spend some time chatting – we’ll let Jeanette tell you more about herself and explain how this brilliant invention works…….

I specialise in pure silver (99.9%) mostly from reclaimed silver from computer stock and film reels. All pieces are made individually by hand.

Being a huge fan of Gok’s Fashion Fix, I wondered how I could make my jewellery more bespoke at an exceedingly reasonable price for hand created. I came up with the idea of JNS Match where fashionistas are able to colour their own with nail varnish (I use Barry M owing to the vibrant colours and its popularity) but any can be used. Then, nail polish remover can simply be used to take off one colour/design and add another. This way it’s possible to always be on trend. The shape to colour is a heart so it is easy to paint and very pretty.

So far girls of all ages love this product, from little girls under 16 to big girls over 40 – and many inbetween!  It comes in earrings and pendants in 2 different sizes and retails at £15 for the pendant and £13 for the earrings, the larger sizes are also available at a slightly higher price. They can come with the nail varnish on or off – it’s entirely up to the fashionista herself!

Jeanette’s idea recently won best in show at Harrogate Trade Fair and she has already sold out of one collection. Read more about her and see more of her jewellery at her site.

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