Turning Unwanted Clothes Into Cutting-Edge Outfits... - The Fashion Guide
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Turning Unwanted Clothes Into Cutting-Edge Outfits…


In light of curent times and the need to be more thrifty and enviro freindly Tanya Greenwood has started a label in Australia under the name Handcut which harks back to the 1930s and ’40s, when women made do by renovating their clothes from whatever they had to hand.

You can get frocks made from pinstriped jackets and floral bed linen, jackets from vintage corduroy and the panelled denim skirts are sewn from at least three pairs of jeans. These mixed-up designer clothes are known as “refashioned originals” – which is a polite way of saying they are made from landfill.

Greenwood is whimsical about the history on her clothing racks. “I like to wonder what sort of bloke wore this before,” she says, holding a jacket with shimmering sleeves. “He must have been so cool with his gold jacket on.”

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