It looks like Dior have decided to try a bit  of viral marketing – John Galliano and Dior have created a mini feature film starring Oscar-winning actresss Marion Cotillard.

“The Lady Noire Affair” (Link to Full Film) directed by Oliver Daham has Marion playing a wonderfully dressed femme fatale in what could be mistaken for a short Hitchcock film.

It’s a very glam murder mystery featuring the Eiffel Tower, gangsters, stockings, and Dior’s best selling Lady Dior handbag and some fabulous clothes.

The idea behind the campaign is to turn Dior back into an iconic brand, with products that have a true iconic status. On the mini film John Galliano commented:

“We wanted to capture the glamour, the intrigue, the heroine and the mysterious allure that radiates around her, Marion has brought the Dior woman to life. She is incredible.”