Clothes Shopping for Men Without Visiting Shops - The Fashion Guide
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Clothes Shopping for Men Without Visiting Shops

Here’s a new idea in clothes shopping for Men, it brings the convenience of e-commerce and the confidence of traditional retail shopping, all tied together in a revolutionary way.

Here’s how it works :-

As a Trunk Club man, you will NEVER have to step foot into a retail clothing store.

  • When you need/want clothing, instead of traditional shopping or online shopping, you get in touch with your personal TC expert and we do the work for you.
  • You receive quality, brand name clothing, hand picked for your lifestyle, budget and needs.
  • The clothing is sent directly to your home or office.
  • You try it on and receive live, interactive advice from your TC expert via web cam.
  • You pay for only what you keep.
  • You only pay retail cost for the clothing, period.
  • Round trip standard shipping is complementary with membership.
  • There is no minimum purchase amount and clothing is only sent to members when specified with their personal TC expert.

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