Free V V Brown Designed Poncho at Glastonbury from Orange - The Fashion Guide
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Free V V Brown Designed Poncho at Glastonbury from Orange


Orange are giving away to the first 100 people to their Chill ‘n’ Charge tent a poncho designed by the singer V V Brown who is currently in the early stages of creating her own fashion line.

The first 100 people who visit Orange’s  will receive the designer raingear for free.

Orange head of sponsorship Ian Smith said: ‘We are thrilled to be teaming up with the creative talents of V V Brown for this year’s Glastonbury festival. The Orange poncho has become a staple item of Glastonbury festival attire over the years and VV’s design is bound to be a must-have.’

The Chill ‘n’ Charge tent provides 600 mobile phone charging points, free internet access and live music, open from Friday to Sunday, 10am-10pm so get yourself down to the tent on Saturday 27th June before they run out!

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