During January we blogged about the Big Swish events happening all over England – a place to have a drink, meet new friends and trade unwanted clothes for something a little more inspiring.  With over 900,000 tonnes of no longer loved clothes, ending their days in landfill sites in the UK each year, more and more people are becoming interested in clothes swapping.  Not only does it mean we can update our wardrobes for free, it means we can contribute to a more ethical and sustainable form of shopping.

We got to thinking about what you could do if you couldn’t make it to a Big Swish Event and began (as we do) to have a search around the web.  We quickly came across Covert Candy – an online community of British fashion lovers. At Covert Candy you can log on and start swapping (or swishing)  as soon as you like.  It works like this;  first of all, seek out the gear you’re bored with, photograph it and value it in credits (£1= 1credit).  Next log on to Covert Candy – (you can pour yourself a glass of wine and invite round a few friends at this point if you want to emulate the whole social networking side of swishing), upload your photos and wait for takers.  Once someone claims one of your items, you post it off to them and your account is loaded with credits.  At this point you can use your credits to order a different item from the site – no money ever needs to change hands.

CovertCandy from CovertCandy on Vimeo.

Clothes exchange sites are a great way to find yourself a few vintage treasures and Covert Candy is no exception.  In fact they love vintage clothes so much, they have actually set up their own shop within the site.  Each month, the Covert Candy team take a trip to Paris to hand pick a selection  of vintage Jumpers, dresses, tops and more.  Leave your email address with them, and each month they’ll update you about their fantastic new finds from the 60s, 70s and 80s. So go, enjoy swishing and please let us know about any amazing finds!!