Please show your appreciation for the cities of the world, by wearing your chosen affiliation emblazed across your chest – this is what the stores are telling us! Here’s a few of our favourites, click each image for all the details.

Try Truffleshuffle for a tee like the girls

Candy Couture at Repbulic are loving America…

We love Urban Outfitters, for those of us who can’t make up our minds they’ve printed us these selection tees – in fact we love the I love cities tee, it’s catwalk inspired and sure to be a hit. For those who really can’t make up their mind, we’ve popped in the striped heart tee, just so everyone knows you do love, but you’ve not decided (or you’re not telling….)

Top Shop say it in words and pictures

And just to give all British cities a bit of a boost here’s Emma Watson’s Union Jack design from People tree