We know we have really gorgeous, manly, rugged, men out there reading TFG, producing  so much stubble that they don’t know what to do with it.  That’s why we jumped at the chance to review ‘The Bluebeard’s Revenge’ a product for real men, with real stubble. This is not some air filled shaving foam boys –  this is a shaving cream – it will not only give you a smooth shave, it will slow that beard growth down too.

  • The first thing we noticed when we received our pot is the packaging – this is going to look impressive on your bathroom shelf. A retro style pot with a silver lid, then a vivid blue label with skull and crossbone graphics – visitors just aren’t going to be able to help screwing off that lid to have a look and a sniff.
  • Now that’s the second thing, the smell. This stuff smells really, really good, clean and sexy – you may have to put up with some neck nuzzling I’m afraid.
  • Next – the feel – it’s rich, it’s smooth,it’s creamy.  We asked Michael, our very manly and heavily bearded techie down here at TFG to put this stuff to the test. He once carried a whole hard drive as far as the car.  A small amount in the palm of the hand lathered up really well and went on smoothly with great coverage – we all had a sniff of his chin at this point.
  • Finally – the shave. Yes a great, smooth shave, (we all had a feel). Apparently a nice skin tingle afterwards, but no burning – jobs a good un.

Click through to the site and find out more about Bluebeard’s Revenge (it’s a great site by the way) and find out how 50p from every pot sold helps fire fighting charities.

So we’re sure you’re dying to know how this stuff works – for your chance to win a pot of this wonder cream, you need to find out a little bit about the science behind it. Click through to the site using the link at the top of the page above.  Click on TheScience section and tell us the active ingredient that slows down beard growth. When you know, come back to us and type the answer in the comments box. Type  The Bluebeard’s Revenge in the Subject Line.

We’ve got 2 pots worth fifteen quid each to give away.

Good luck, you’ve got until September 12th!!

By the way guys any photos of those blue beards you want to send us, we will study them – for purely scientific reasons only, of course!!