Olivia Palermo Spotted in Reiss Lux 1970s Shirt Dress - The Fashion Guide
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Olivia Palermo Spotted in Reiss Lux 1970s Shirt Dress

Olivia could be the latest member of Charlies Angels as she exudes sexy, 1970s glamour in this softly, pleated, caramel shirt dress from Reiss. Accessorised with shiny gold jewellery and killer animal print heels, Olivia could karate chop her way to solving a crime and still be in time for cocktails at 8 – we love it!!

The shirt is also available in indigo, which looks fantastic dressed more casually over jeans, and teamed with tan accessories.  We’ve just taken a look and the availabilty of sizes is plumetting – take a look now angels… Click the banner or the images..


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