Head down to some famous landmarks like Trafalgar Square today with your iPhone or iPad2 and see what Debenhams has in store or out of store for you.

Simply look at the landmark through your iPhone or iPad2 screen and you’ll see top party dresses from Debenhams pop up as if by magic.

You will be able to view ten party dresses (only available at the location), virtually try them on, order them and get a fab new dress delivered to an address of their choice.

The stores will be popping up from 27 October – 29 October in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Cardiff and Glasgow.

Anyone who takes part gets a 20% discount.

The Debenhams virtual store can be uncovered at:

  • London – Trafalgar Square
  • Glasgow – George Square
  • Birmingham – Centenary Square
  • Manchester –Albert Square
  • Cardiff – Cardiff Castle