It’s a sleek, blonde, carefree looking Cheryl Cole who takes us on tour, behind the scenes, at her latest photo shoot for L’Oreal . Cheryl ‘s walking on air as she twirls around set in two amazing, ankle length, designer gowns. The dress for day one has a vivid blue skirt, cropped at the front, while day two’s is dramatic in black leather with a myriad of tiny pleats.

Cheryl describes how L’Oreal’s telescopic mascara has always been one of her favourite products – but the new false lash effect formula with fibres is the latest way that our Geordie lass completes her sexy look. We see Cheryl applying her own mascara and giving us a gorgeous, dimpled smile in the make-up mirror – just an ordinary, (if extremely glamorous), girl getting ready for a great night out. With a beautiful pout Cheryl blows a set of false lashes from her palm – she won’t be needing them!

The ad campaign, shot by Rankin, has an Alice in Wonderland meets Cabaret feel about it. We see Cheryl glide through first tiny, then oversized doors on an Alice style adventure – looking small and dainty as she sits on a huge, up scaled chair (Lashes off the scale – so is the furniture). Later, with a cheeky tilt, she dons a saucy top hat and now, with her long lashes and eye liner flicks, her style is totally Sally Bowles – Come to the Cabaret!! The finale of the piece is Cheryl all aglow in the fibre optic room (the mascara’s got fibres in it – see what they did there)? She looks like a fabulous butterfly as she holds out the skirts of that totally stunning, pleated, leather dress. We are so jealous!!

Great to see Cheryl looking so fab and happy, keep a look out for the ad campaign and for Cheryl’s third solo album being released soon.

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