According to tradition, a man who receives a marriage proposal on a leap year must accept it! This romantic law is thought to have been dreamed up by Queen Margaret of Scotland in 1288. The law required that fines be levied if a marriage proposal was refused by the man. The wise monarch, obviously being a fashion conscious woman, made sure that the ladies didn’t miss out altogether if the ungrateful male said no to her offer. They had to give her a pair of leather gloves, a single rose, £1 and a kiss.

In their latest ad Renault, have decided that they want a piece of the Leap Year action. They invite Jane, and the unsuspecting Tim along to five star luxury St. James’ Hotel and Club’ London. In a touching, pre-proposal interview, we hear Jane explain why she has decided to take the plunge. Telling us, that even though the lovely couple have known each other for nineteen years, they have never actually been on a date!! “We never do anything conventionally, “she says, “but when we hold hands it just feels right.” Ahhh.

Finally, on the hotel roof terrace, we see Jane spring her unusual and romantic proposal which Tim happily and readily accepts. But what neither of the love birds realise is that, because of Tim’s enthusiastic response they will be driving away in a shiny, brand new, Renault Twingo – a small, city car that’s fun and economical to drive and full of personality.

Following Jane’s proposal, the metallic, fushia Twingo, proves to be another match made in heaven for the happy couple, as they drive away into the London sunset together. All the best for the future Jane & Tim, we hope you enjoy many happy journeys in your shiny new car.

So ladies if you are feeling lucky this Leap Year why not go for it and make your own proposal!! Don’t worry if all does not go as planned you could always impose the Queen Margaret law and grab yourself a nice pair of leather gloves, some flowers and some cash. Due to inflation rates since 1288 you’ll probably have enough to buy yourself a nippy new Renault Twingo – enjoy!!

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